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Cat Music
Cat Music

Fresh new music everyday! You can find your favorite tracks on Cat Music's ROworlds Channel!
Cat Music is the most important label in Romania, with over 9,000 songs published. The music label has the strongest ROworlds channel in Central, Eastern Europe and Russia, with over 6,5 million subscribers and over 6,5 billion views. With dozens of artists signed and more than 50 music channels in the Multichannel Cat Music network, Cat Music has released over time international hits such as "Claro Que Si" (Juan Magan x Mohombi x Yasiris x Hyenas), "Vita bella" (Havana), "The Violin Song" (Monoir & Osaka feat. Brianna), but also phenomenon songs: "Dragostea din Tei" (O-Zone), "Stereo Love" (Edward Maya), "Mamma Mia", "He's Italiano" (Elena), "Zaleilah ”(Mandinga) or“ Amor ”(Kamelia).